Rails or Django Frameworks

I decided to learn one of the famous frameworks rails or django.

Rails is a framework for Ruby programming language and django is for python, I didn’t know ruby or python so I’ll learn a pl and a framework but the question is which one?

I decided to make some research before I start. After lots of searches to find an answer, I found lots of articles, posts etc. about this comparison, here is some notes what I found;

(these are not facts, just what I found from my searches)

  • jobs: both frameworks has very big  job capability. There are lots of rails and django jobs. But what I found is there is much more python jobs than ruby, and more jobs for rails than django .(in SF)
  • the community for rails seems much more active than django
  • ruby and python pls are both fun and very powerful
  • I really like db migrations of rails. I dont know if there is a similar feature for django but it’s really helpful.
  • Django’s admin is just great! You can really build a backoffice in 10 minutes. Add/Delete/Edit operations, validations etc. all supported

and the result is “you cannot make a bad choice, either framework is a good choice! ” 🙂

Firstly I decided to start with rails and find that it’s actually really easy to make websites than .net or php.

After 5 rails days, I started to take a look django and python and spent 6 or 7 days with that.

So my decision is sticking with rails first. Reasons? There are not so much obvious reasons, but lets say I like rails a little bit more.. This is just my decision, django and python are also both great.

Bottom line is (again) you cannot make a bad choice, either framework is a good choice!


  1. I am using online tools to learn rails and a great book: Rails 3 – Pragmatic
  2. I used this ebook for django web framework.
  3. This comparison is a little bit old but it has really good info about both frameworks..

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