Setting Up Own Git Server On CentOS

Recently I needed a private git server and since I have a vps, I tried to set up one on my centos 5 machine.
First let’s start with creating users, group on server and rsa key pair on local to use ssh login.
After these, create a new repo on server, and commit & push & pull […]


New MVC Frameworks, my old friend PHP

Ok it’s been a while since my last post..
So what keeps me busy in these days, mostly design patterns, mvc frameworks, and of course PHP.
I make lots of research (again 🙂 ) on php mvc frameworks, like yii, kohana 3, codeigniter, cake, […]


Installing Passenger

While preparing your server for your rails app, you need to install passenger. Passenger is a great software to deploy your ruby on rails apps on Apache or Nginx.
After uploading your rails app files to the server, install passenger gem:
sudo gem install passenger
and then start installation:
sudo passenger-install-apache2-module
After passenger installation is done, you need […]


Rails or Django Frameworks

I decided to learn one of the famous frameworks rails or django.
Rails is a framework for Ruby programming language and django is for python, I didn’t know ruby or python so I’ll learn a pl and a framework but the question is which one?
I decided to make some research before I start. After lots of […]


Installing Shapado Dependencies

This post is about installing shapado software dependencies. Shapado is written with ruby on rails and it is one of the best question & answer software I can found. The other one I really like is osqa q&a software which is written with django.
Installing these dependencies is not very difficult actually, […]


Using Sessions on Rails 3 and some quick Rails 3 Tips

By default rails uses cookies to store sessions and you should change this.
Using SQLite, creating a sessions table is very easy, just type below one line code to command prompt and you are ready to go..
rake db:sessions:create
You also need to uncomment below line in order use sessions over cookies,
TEST_APP::Application.config.session_store :active_record_store
The above line resides in /app/config/initializers/session_store.rb […]


Creating First Rails 3 App on Windows 7

I followed some rails books to learn the framework, but I find that some commands have been changed and it took me a while to find out their new versions.
So here is how I created my first rails 3 app on Windows 7 machine, howto create models with SQLite 3 and start the web server.
Of […]


Creating Ruby on Rails 3 Environment on Windows 7

this is my 1st post about Rails and I hope I’ll keep it up! So here is the steps when creating my first app.
I used the Ruby Installer and verified it by typing ruby -v to the console. After ruby installation, I need to install rails gem, so the first command below updates gem […]


The First!

I’m Serdar and I am a software engineer. Here is my website. Here, I’ll log about PLs, code snippets, startups and other stuff. you can learn more about me here: about me