Creating Ruby on Rails 3 Environment on Windows 7


this is my 1st post about Rails and I hope I’ll keep it up! So here is the steps when creating my first app.

I used the Ruby Installer and verified it by typing ruby -v to the console. After ruby installation, I need to install rails gem, so the first command below updates gem installation if needed and the other one is for installing rails gem.

gem update --system

gem install rails

After these installs I installed SQLite 3 by downloading dll.

Copy sqlite3.dll and sqlite3.def files to your bin directory in Ruby installation. It would be something like ‘C:\Ruby192’ if you followed default installation of Ruby.

And the last step to install SQLite 3 to your Windows computer is typing below install gem command:

gem install sqlite3-ruby

Now I am ready to go to write my first ruby application, and thats another post..

See ya!


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