Couple of Notes After Getting TechCrunched

TechCrunched? Great. Take a cup of coffee and stay awake.

My last side project, got techcrunched on April 5th by John Biggs.

It’s a great thing because of several reasons;

  • you’ll get lots of feedback instantly, right after you launch your project
  • first users will be highly interested in Tech and latest stuff.
  • users will sign up from all around the world, so if it’s a social product, you’ll see lots of reaction from different countries.
  • and hey it is TC!

As long as it is working, and you can’t see really major bugs on your app, I don’t think there are lots of things to do before submitting your project to TC.

I mean, if design looks good on major modern browsers (and yeah including IE8&9), functionalities are ok, you are sure about server, and all other things like logs etc., it is ready to go.

But in my case, I forgot something, and that caused lots of nightmares. Make sure your memory is sufficient!

Ok, if it’s a new project, a VPS with a 1GB RAM is just fine. But if your project is something like LeFeed, I mean it does heavy job on backend, processes millions of records, and lots of things while running learning and recommender algorithms, then get a bigger RAM, at least 2GB.

Because of this issue, I had to manually control whether users data processed correctly, checked log files to see if something went bad (memory allocation problems, facebook graph API connection timeout problems and some others).

After second day, I increased my mem so problems are solved. So do it before launching yours if you do lots of calculations, cause you’ll need that when hundreds of users come your website in an hour from TC.

And lastly, there are some other things that needs to be done after getting coverage,

  • Be responsive! Follow your company name on twitter, facebook and google (click to see some samples for LeFeed), try to respond questions or concerns.
  • Make sure it runs fine. Regularly check logs and get notified if something goes wrong, (like apache down), and try to fix it fast.
  • Take action fast! If you see something is wrong, fix it and deploy to production fast.

For example, I noticed that users think they will get recommendations right after they just signed up. (naturally)

But some users have 1000+ users (so 1001 users data + 1001 users’ likes data in total) and it is *really* not easy to fetch that huge data from Facebook quickly. (yes even by using batch request which lets you merge up to 50 requests). So I simply checked if users get recommendations or not, if not I’ve added a text to inform user by some js and css help. So I prevent users thinking that it is broken.

Finally about TC effect, it is not overrated. It is a great thing for new projects by many aspects, so build something great, they will be happy to cover it!


That’s all for now, let me know if you have any questions, about this process orĀ LeFeed app.


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