Launched 2 New Projects in February and April

Update: LeFeed featured on techcrunch, please also check John’s article for LeFeed.

And I guess I’ll write a TC effects post soon.

It’s been 2 months since I wrote my rec_sys post, meanwhile, I launched 2 new beta projects, socivid and LeFeed.

Most recently I launched LeFeed in April. (2 days ago actually)

LeFeed is started by an experimental project. I started to interest Artificial Neural Network Algorithms and Collaborative Filtering techniques lately.

I’ve spent weeks to implement several techniques (model/memory based and user/item based CF) and I started building LeFeed.

LeFeed is basically a facebook news feed organizer and recommendation application.

It uses ANN algorithms to organize users’ news feed and tries to find most accurate recommendations for the users by using CF techniques.

It regularly updates its analyzed data and tries to know better its users.

LeFeed recommends new content and subjects to users, based on active user’s interests & feedback and his/her friends’ interests

I really enjoy using it, I hope some other people find that useful too.

Its tech stack is just great; rails 3.2, MySQL, backbone, coffeescript, sass, and others.


Before that, in February socivid is launched. Socivid is built in order to provide a better video experience while sharing videos on facebook.

I have worked on socivid with my business co-founder, Roger.

It is built with rails 3.1, MySQL, coffeescript.


So, that’s all for now. I hope my next post will be about user growth in my project.


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